Pablo Villatoro


Pablo Villatoro effectively captures and cast the vision of each partnership while simultaneously developing and implementing creative and cutting edge ideas. Using his vast network resources and media exposure, he is able to create a tangible reality while implementing new marketing strategies. His years of experience as a successful public figure in the entertainment industry have given Pablo a fine-tuned perspective and foresight of future trends.


Vyky Rifai


Vyky Rifai is the Executive Director at One Alliance Group. She is a true entrepreneur at heart, who has over 10 years of experience in strategic partnerships and investments. She has been coined as "The Hardest Working Woman of Orlando." Her vast network in the community and work ethic provide a bigger ROI in any partnership. With her roots being in accounting, her ability to project numbers and financial trends comes second nature to her. Not only is she a power house in business but she also brings a creative and innovative edge to every project.


Michelle Welch


Michelle Welch is the lead manager whose vast knowledge in industry trends and technology ensure a diverse hands on experience to project management. Her ability to implement strategies and mobilize a team make room for maximum results and execution.